Racquet Sports

No matter your level of ability, the GPYC Paddle and Racquet Sports programs have something for everyone. With four state of the art clay tennis courts, four fabulous pickleball courts, and two heated paddle (platform) tennis courts, the action can be compellingly competitive or relaxingly recreational. For more information and to register, contact Tennis Pro Dmitri Diakonov, one of 47 PTR Masters of Performance tennis coaches worldwide. Many of our members keep in touch through text and email chains. If you are interested in joining these communications, send your information via email to the Chair of Paddle and Racquet Sports, Bruce Knapp at knapp@doeren.com. Let him know which sport interests you, your level of ability, and what it is you are looking for (open play, lessons, finding people of your ability, and so forth) and he will connect you. Please contact the Front Desk at (313)  884-2500 or frontdesk@gpyc.org for more information on court booking registration.


The spirit of pickleball lies in its unique ability to develop deep and lasting social bonds amongst its community of players. The introduction of pickleball at the Club has served to create countless memories, new friendships, competition, and the weekly joy of coming together around the sport you’ve come to love.

The GPYC wishes to harness the passion of our players and put the content power directly into the hands of our pickle community while simultaneously providing the tools necessary to nurture the growth and exposure of the sport within our Club.

Alongside the ability to digitally reserve court time and permanent court time, as well as access to individual and group lessons by staff professionals, members have the option to create and host tournaments and special events desired by the GPYC pickleball community.

A member or group of members may coordinate with our racquet staff and select their preferred day and time, rent the courts, create food and beverage offerings via the Club House, and even utilize a concierge package that provides the administrative know-how to run the perfect event.

As in past years, members may continue to book pickle courts up to a week in advance. Additionally, permanent court time is now available for $12/hr and booked in monthly increments. Having a time written in stone for a month or even the entire summer is no longer a challenge for groups of members.

For community led tournaments and special events, the court rental rate is $12/hr. Food and beverage options are also available as well as access to our concierge package which will provide draws, trophies, and other setup details associated with your event.

Members will provide a participant list and all costs associated with the event will be amortized across the participant list. This approach focuses pickleball on its most important aspect--the community of members who love it and the passion they exude.

For details and pricing regarding the concierge package, please reach out to the tennis staff at tennispro@gpyc.org

Pickleball Permanent Court Time Requests Now Open
As in past years, members may continue to book pickle courts up to a week in advance with a two hour limit per day at absolutely zero cost. However, this year, the Club is introducing permanent court time availability.

Permanent court time runs $12/hr and may be booked in monthly increments. Once booked, the time for your group is written in stone.

For example, 16 players over four courts for two hours would run just $6 per player per session. Once a week for a month, the cost would be $24 per player.

There are no refunds for inclement weather.

You can book your permanent court time by emailing tennispro@gpyc.org.

Please note, the current pickleball reservation system will expire on June 30. The Club is working with a Pickleball Committee made up of a cross section of all member players to develop a permanent solution for fair booking and sharing of court time. If you have any questions regarding the reservation process, please don't hesitate to reach out via email at tennispro@gpyc.org.


Our Tennis Pro Dmitri runs clinics for different levels of ability, is available for lessons, and runs an active program at the Club. Contact Dmitri at tennispro@gpyc.org for a schedule of activities.  


Paddle (Platform) Tennis

Played on a raised and heated surface (so ice won’t form) surrounded by chickenwire, Paddle Tennis, also known as Platform Tennis, is a great way to get outdoors in the winter.  While year round play is available, the main season is November through March. There is a warming hut available for socialization before, during, or after play and the combination to the locked door is available to members. There is no schedule for play so find some friends and come out to play. Paddles are available to borrow at the gate house to the Club. If interested in playing, contact the Chair of Paddle and Racquet Sports, Brian Marshall at brimar69@comcast.net, letting him know of your skill level and what it is you are looking for.

Please click here for the Rules & Regulations for GPYC Racquet Sports.

If you are interested in a tennis lesson or reserving a court, contact Dmitri Diakonov at tennispro@gpyc.org.


Dmitri Diakonov


Tennis Professional